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WINE LIST NR. 248 Autumn/Winter 2022/23

VDP.ORTSWEIN - Riesling (0,75 Ltr.)

Info of VDP.Classification...


VDP.ORTSWEINE originate from a village’s best vineyards that are planted with grape varieties typical of their region.

A dry VDP.ORTSWEIN is labeled “Qualitätswein trocken.”

A VDP.ORTSWEIN with natural, ripe sweetness is labeled with one of the traditional Prädikats.

The key to terroir-driven viticulture in germany

The VDP.CLASSIFICATION is based on an in-house statute of Germany’s Prädikat wine estates, in which the quality of a wine is defined according to “terroir,” i.e., origin and quality are inherently linked. For the Prädikat wine-growers, the vineyard site is the decisive mark of quality.

The goal of the VDP.CLASSIFICATION is to assess the quality potential of Germany’s very best vineyard sites; secure the future of Germany’s unique viticultural landscape; restore esteem for Germany’s outstanding dry wines; and underscore the traditional connotation of the Prädikats as attributes reserved for wines with natural, ripe sweetness.

VDP.Ortswein Riesling

100 // 2018
Hommage 1921 - Forster Riesling trocken
wilde Frucht, komplexe Mineralität, gepaarte Eleganz & Kraft, 13 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

02 // 2021 // SV
Deidesheimer Kabinett feinherb
vollmundig, würziger Nachhall, dezente Süße, 11,0 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

03 // 2021 // SV
Forster Kabinett
mit deutlicher Fruchtsüße, 8,0 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

04 // 2021
BASALT Forst trocken
charakterfester Riesling mit guter Dichte und Nachhall, 12,5 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

05 // 2021
KALKSTEIN Deidesheim trocken
salzige, präzise Mineralität, ausdrucksstarke Säure, 12,5 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

06 // 2021
BUNTSANDSTEIN Wachenheim trocken
Melange aus hochreifen gelben Früchten, vollmundiger Abgang, 13,0 % vol, 0,75 Ltr.

Aus den Terroirs Basalt, Kalkstein und Buntsandstein unserer Spitzenlagen in Forst, Deidesheim und Wachenheim erzeugen wir ausdrucksstarke trockene Rieslingweine.


All wines contain sulfites.

SV = screw top (Schraubverschluss)

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