Vineyard site : Forster Stift

Vineyard Stift Forst/Pfalz

Grape varieties cultivated

86% Riesling, 14% Gewurztraminer

Geographic situation

110 - 120 m above sea level
The flat vineyards border the village of Forst to the east.

Soil structure

A mixture of sand and clay with varying amounts of each

Total area

55.51 hectares (138.8 US acres)

Origin of name

The name of this site is derived from the former landed properties of the convent 'St. Guido' in Speyer which can be traced back to the year 1231.

Wine features

Due to the proximity of this site to the village, the grapes grown there attain a good degree of ripeness, their acidity is well balanced and they develop a fragrant and flowery bouquet. Gewurztraminer is traditionally grown in the 'Alser' area of the site. This is a grape variety which finds ideal climatic conditions in this strip of land and produces spicy wines reminiscent of a fine bouquet of roses.

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