Vineyard site : PECHSTEIN Forst

Weinlage Forster Pechstein

Grape varieties cultivated


Geographic situation

120-160 m above sea level
A south-easterly vineyard which rises towards the forest edge. Due to its high exposure to the sun the soil is heated intensely. The result is fully ripe grapes. Basalt enhances the storage of warmth in the soil.

Soil structure

Basalt, coloured sandstone

Total area

15.31 hectares (38.28 US acres)

Origin of name

'Pechstein' derives its name from the high percentage of basalt (black volcanic earth) in the soil. Formerly an active volcano, the 'Pechsteinkopf', situated above the village of Forst, spouted huge amounts of volcanic earth millions of years ago. Veins of basalt can be found well below ground level in this vineyard area with small pieces of basalt also frequently finding their way to the surface.

Wine features

The special characteristics of the soil coupled with the unique microclimate in the PECHSTEIN vineyards lend a distinctive minerality to the grapes. The wine aroma is often reminiscent of citrus fruits and flint, their taste is usually delicate and full of finesse. They appear to be light-structured but have a lingering finish. Wines from 'Pechstein' vineyards are always late-developers.

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