Vineyard site : Deidesheimer Leinhöhle

Vineyard site Leinhöhle Deidesheim/Pfalz

Grape varieties cultivated


Geographic situation

120-150 m above sea level
A southern slope which rises from the village of Deidesheim

Soil structure

Clayey sand with outcroppings of sandy soil

Total area

17.89 hectares (44.7 US acres)

Origin of name

The name refers to the former cultivation of flax. 'Lin' was the ancient word for flax or linen. The word 'Höhle' originates from 'helde' for slope. LEINHÖHLE therefore means 'flax field on a slope'.

Wine features

The high exposure to the sun together with the light soil produces very fragrant wines reminiscent of peaches and apricots and with a balanced and marked acidity. The delicate fragrant aroma is excellently suited to produce medium-dry wines of delicate sweetness as well as powerful dry wines.

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