Vineyard site : Forster Elster

Vineyard site Elster Forst/Pfalz

Grape varieties cultivated


Geographic situation

120 - 145 m above sea level
This flat site borders the village of Forst in the south.

Soil structure

Coloured weathered sandstone outcrops, clayey sand

Total area

7,89 hectares (19.7 US acres)

Origin of name

According to historical evidence the site derives its name from the settlement of Ellerstadt and not from the thieving magpie (in German: 'Elster') living in this area.

Wine features

The light, sandy soil brings forth fruity wines with an acidity which is mostly harmonious and pleasant. In exceptional years excellent, naturally sweet wines (from particularly ripe grapes infected by botrytis cinerea or 'noble rot') can be produced.

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